Business cards with just text leave the customer a deficient impression

A business card with just some text giving your name, address, and some contact information just does not cut it anymore. It is like you only want to give out the minimum information needed for your customer’s to contact you. This creates an image that you only want to offer the minimum service from your business.

Now ! A photo on your business card can maximize what the card can say about you and your business. A photo of you smiling promotes friendliness, honesty, and a recognition that you are ready to help your customer by helping him recognize you. You could also consider a photo of your business or product you offer. These photos still offer the potential client far more than just what a little text on how to contact you does.

To be effective in promoting your business you need to always present to your customers what benefits you are offering through your business. In other words, what valuable thing are you giving them for them to do business with you. Always be customer oriented and think:

What Is In It For Them !

Your business cards are one of the items you are giving your customers. By using photos your business cards increase the information value of what you are giving to your customer and therefore increases the promotional value for your business. It is a simple way for you to offer more value to your customers.

With our service you get truly personal design services for your business card

We offer the services of designing, printing, and mailing custom photo business cards. Our designs can be printed with photos on the front and back. We even offer a raised ink photo business card. The card designs we create are truly unique because for each customer we have an actual professional designer working on the design.

Our designer’s will develop a design from instructions, ideas, and photos you give them. Our designers will use their creativity to make your design exceptional for your business.

It is the easy too! All you need to do to get started is to submit your instructions and any applicable images and we go right to work. After we receive your information we usually have a design up and ready for you to review by the next business day. Then we keep working on it until you approve of the design and want some printed.

Here are some examples:

Cards with a professional portrait present a friendly photo giving a open for business feeling:

professional2 professional

Imagine the above cards with just the text information.  It lacks the friendly open feeling!

Here are a couple of business dealing with raising and offering dogs.  The dogs are the main value they offer to their customers.  So, they use photos of their dogs on their business cards:

englishbulldogsBcard labradoodlesBcard

These cards are for two different tour businesses.  Can you tell what kind of tours they offer?

biplanes tourBcard

Do you offer a product/service ?  – like new fashions by a fashion designer –  or a modeling service –

fashionBcard modellingBcard

Maybe you offer irrigation services or


you just want to help your customers know where your business is located –


I hope these examples give you some ideas on how business cards with photos can offer more value than a plain business card with just some text.  All these cards offer more value to customers that receive them.  The photos give more information about the business, product, services, and people making the business run.

The extra information offered by the photo translates to emotions which help make customers return to the business.  Those emotions can be friendliness, openness, professionalism, security, authority, curiosity, and more…  If you create the right emotions your business cards, your business will benefit..

Why not get started using photos to create valuable business cards for your business ?

Why not let us get started on your custom photo business cards. There is no hassle or costs to get started since we do the design work for free.

It is easy, only requires three simple steps:

  1. Submit information you want on your design using our Start Design form.
  2. Send us any files of photos, images, etc. ( information on how to do this is given to you after you submit your Start Design form)
  3. Wait to hear back from us. ( usually happens by next day )

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